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Gazeteci, Yazar ve hayvan özgürlüğü aktivisti multidisipliner bir kariyer sahibi Zülal Kalkandelen ile 'Veganizm & Feminizm' üzerine bir söyleşi gerçekleştireceğiz.
Söyleşisin ikinci bölümünde; tamamen bitkisel ve sağlıklı tariflerle birlikte, kaliteli ve aktif yaşamla ilgili içerik üreticisi Anıl Ercan, vegan tarifiyle bizlere eşlik edecek.
Etkinliğin kayıt linkine biografiden ve vforwoman.org/links adresinden ulaşabilirsiniz.

*Etkinlik Ücretsizdir.

🗓️ 20 Ocak, Pazar | 🕟 20:00 | 📍 Online, Zoom
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[EN] We will have an interview on 'Veganism & Feminism' with Zülal Kalkandelen, a multidisciplinary career journalist, writer and animal liberation activist.
In the second part of the interview; Along with completely herbal and healthy recipes, Anıl Ercan, the content producer for quality and active life, will accompany us with his vegan recipe.

Son zamanlarda giderek ivmelenen, uzun zamandır medya tarafından pazarlanan güzellik algısı konusuna ve özellikle bu durumun kadınlar üzerinden empoze edilmesine karşı hareketin hızlandırılması için sizleri Doç. Dr. Ebru Güzel ve Uzm. Psk. Müberra Sabuncu katılımıyla 18 Ocak 16.30'da Müze Gazhane'de gerçekleştireceğimiz "Güzellik Algısı; Güzellik Trend Mi?" adlı söyleşimize davet ediyoruz.

*Etkinlik Ücretsizdir.

🎟️ muzegazhane.istanbul
🗓️ 18 Ocak, Salı
🕟 16:30
📍@muzegazhane , T Blok
🤝 @gonulluist | @vforwoman
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[EN] I would like to thank you, Assoc. Dr. Ebru Guzel and SCP. With the participation of Müberra Sabuncu, we will hold the "Perception of Beauty; Is Beauty a Trend?" on January 18, 16:00 at Museum Gazhane. We invite you to our interview. *Event is Free.

Worldwide Equality Activism & Social Movement Against Violence

We Are An Independent Community With The Responsibility Of Promoting Equality And Diversity, Eliminating Illegal Discrimination, Protecting, Promoting And Informing The Human Rights Of Everyone, Especially In Turkey And Around The World.

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  • Worldwide Equality Activism & Social Movement Against Violence

    V For Woman Is Independent Community With The Responsibility Of Promoting Equality And Diversity, Eliminating Illegal Discrimination, Protecting, Promoting And Informing The Human Rights Of Everyone, Especially In Turkey And Around The World.

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  • Easy-to-read UDHR documents now available in TR-EN language options.

  • About Us

VFW Stands With People From All Walks Of Life.

1 in 3 women worldwide experience some form of sexual violence or intimate partner violence.

1 in 6 men experience sexual violence.

1 in 2 transgender people have been sexually assaulted.

Less than 50% of victims report these crimes.



VFW's mission is to create safe communities and respectful relationships through awareness events, initiatives and collaborations. We are trying to end sexual assault, domestic violence, dating violence, sexual abuse and all kinds of sexual violence and to create awareness on this issue.

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For All Of Us...

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By Taking Part In The V For Woman Community As The Representative Of Your City/Country, You Can Help Us Expand Our Sphere Of Influence And Thus Reach More People.

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    For everyone:

  • - Educate yourself on violence against women; learn the facts and the prevalence
  • - Believe survivors
  • - Contact your local legislators and political leaders and advocate for tougher laws against perpetrators of violence against women
  • - Know that dating violence & sexual assault affects 1 in 3 girls and 1 in 6 boys by the time they are 18
  • - Contact your local school board and ask them to address sexual harassment in schools
  • - Speak out against all forms of violence
  • - Question gender roles and assumptions
  • - Respect and embrace diversity
  • - Respect a person’s-even a child’s- right to say no
  • - Don’t blame victims, and reinforce that rape is never the victim’s fault
  • - Strive for equality for everyone
  • - Understand that putting boys and men down by calling them “ladies” and “girls” hurts everyone
  • - Speak out against the media’s portrayal of violence
  • - Learn how racism, sexism and homophobia are connected
  • - Acknowledge that it does happen in your own community
  • - Learn about power and control tactics
  • - Attend Take Back the Night events
  • - Ask permission before pursuing physical or sexual contact with someone
  • - Realize that sexual violence is about power and control, not sex
  • - Teach kids that respect is the minimum in a relationship, and lead by example
  • - Advocate for victim’s rights
  • - Ask your priest, rabbi, pastor, cleric, or spiritual leader to hold a special service to raise awareness and promote safety for victims and accountability for perpetrators.
  • - Avoid engaging in, supporting or encouraging sexual harassment by speaking up when you see or hear it
  • - Teach kids that violence will not solve problems
  • - Know that most sex offenders aren’t strangers · 86% are known to their victim
  • - Be courageous; don’t be afraid to speak up for those who have lost their voice or dignity
  • - Praise women and girls for something other than the way they look
  • - Speak out against racist, sexist or homophobic jokes
  • - Advocate for more youth violence prevention programs
  • - Get others to speak out against sexual violence
  • - Stop your sexual advances if the other person says no and encourage others to do the same
  • - Avoid buying music that glorifies sexual violence and the objectification of women and girls
  • - Urge your local radio stations to stop playing music that contains violent lyrics
  • - Applaud others who speak out against violence and oppression
  • - Invite a speaker from HAVEN to share with your class, work or community group
  • - Pledge to never commit or condone acts of violence
  • - Stop yourself or others from taking advantage of someone who is intoxicated
  • - Make a decision to become an active bystander by speaking up and calling for help when necessary
  • - Respect the choices victims and survivors make to survive
  • - Encourage your local college and universities to offer prevention education to students
  • - Empathize
  • - Work toward eliminating oppression of all kinds
  • - Think globally and act locally
  • - Hold perpetrators accountable for disrespecting their partners when you see it or hear it
  • - Engage others in discussions about violence against women
  • - Learn about healthy boundaries and don’t be afraid to voice your feelings in your relationship
  • - Notice when someone invades your boundaries
  • - Report it if you witness sexual harassment in your school or workplace
  • - Post awareness materials in restrooms and break rooms for easy & confidential accessibility
  • - Celebrate all aspects of masculinity, including compassion and sensitivity

For men:

  • - Choose your words carefully and respectfully when speaking of women in your life
  • - Show your strength by speaking up to men who are using their strength for hurting
  • - Refuse to let TV, movies, music or other people define what it means to be a man for you
  • - Understand that it takes more than just not being a batterer or a rapist to be a good guy
  • - Treat all women and girls with respect
  • - Don’t patronize sex workers or strip clubs
  • - Ask, don’t assume you know what your partner wants
  • - Get involved with the Men Can Stop Rape movement at www.mencanstoprape.com
  • - Refuse to coerce or manipulate your partner in order to get your way; be willing to compromise
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